Selling Guide

Selling Guide

When it comes to listing your property for sale – there are a few things you the homeowner can do to prepare for viewing and the actual sale.

Get prepared

  • Investigate any freehold conditions and highlight to the agent. (i.e. No building on roof or no pets allowed)
  • If your property is leasehold – consider buying this out or offer at the time of contract exchange.
  • If your property is an inheritance get any wills and affairs in order so there is no delay at the time of searches.
  • Get any maintenance jobs done.
  • Declutter and remove most of your personal items
  • Arrange for children and pets to watched elsewhere while you have a viewing

The selling process

  • Research your real estate agent and engage.
  • Prepare your property for photographs
  • Your buyer chooses the notary public, and typically buyer and seller use the same official.
  • Have all documentation ready for the konvenju (promise of sale)
  • You will need all documentation relating to your purchase or inheritance of the property, plus i.d/passport
  • All parties involved to be present at the konvenju, generally conducted in the notary public’s office.
  • Konvenyu signed and notary public begins searches.
  • Any deposits from buyer are held in escrow with the notary
  • Any conditions of the konvenju from either side are recorded.
  • Completion of sale either at notary office or bank head quarters.
  • Make sure all utility bills have been finalised.

Seller costs (estimate)

  • Capital gains tax on the transfer of immovable property range from 5% – 10%:
  • If the property that you are selling is your main residence and you have lived there for at least 3 years then you will have no capital gains tax to pay
  • Property that is not your main residence will now attract a final withholding tax (sales tax) of 8%
  • Energy Performance Certificate. Now required for all properties for sale or for rent. €150-€300 More details can be found here.
  • Estate agent fees: = agreed marketing fee + vat will be due on the completion day.
  • All outstanding finance attached to the property will be paid from the proceeds.
  • Moving day costs, such as removal men.