How We Market Your Property

How We Market Your Property Real Estate, has embraced a comprehensive approach to marketing using the global internet, social media, digital outlets and good old traditional print. Every property we list is our priority and will receive the full marketing support it deserves. website

Today, without fail, the internet is one of the most important marketing tools available to us and we have designed our website to offer the end user a priority experience. Easy to navigate and explore, the website allows browsers to choose locations, price, size or type. While updated frequently the ‘viewer’ can see exquisite photographs of all properties, floor plans and even watch a video.

Digital partners

To ensure properties are seen by prospective buyers from around the world, as well as our own website, we have partnered with listing agents and their websites around the world. Over 75 individual websites, offering potentially hundreds of thousands of potential viewers, including

Good old print

Still a force of good and one that continues to work in harmony with digital marketing. will continue to use local newspapers to advertise the website and highlight our services. Another ‘traditional’ marketing approach is billboards.

Social media

Social media – such as facebook and twitter allow targeted marketing on a daily basis. Highlighting instantly new listings and offers. While pinterest and instagram allow a sharing facility of beautiful properties that again can highlight the website and our services.