Luxury Real Estate Investments in Malta

San showcases a wide selection of Malta’s finest real estate, providing access to luxury homes for sale to a worldwide clientele.

With global reach and local expertise, our highly-qualified professionals employ proven creative marketing strategies for finding and cultivating fruitful connections between high-end buyers and sellers.

Why this is the best time to invest in Maltese property

Luxury property sales in Malta and the EU are bouncing back now that the region has finally shed the last vestiges of the global economic meltdown.

The luxury home market in Malta has experienced the highest price increase since 2012, with a formidable 16.17% growth in the prices of townhouses, houses of character and villas.

Analysts are expecting house prices to rise even further, especially as Malta is actively courting high net worth individuals looking to take advantage of the tax and mobility benefits of the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) introduced by the government in 2013, which grants Maltese/EU citizenship to eligible applicants.

Why Malta is a Mediterranean paradise for high net worth individuals

Non-Maltese nationals who take an interest in Malta and invest in residential property worth more than €400,000 can also benefit from the High Net Worth Individuals Residency Scheme.

Launched in 2011, this scheme grants holders the right to pay tax at a favourable flat rate of 15% on all foreign source income received in Malta together, whilst also having the possibility to claim double taxation relief.

San assists you in making luxury real estate investments in Malta

Whether you aspire to own your first state-of-the-art luxury home and start enjoying the glorious lifestyle that accompanies opulent residences, or you’re a savvy luxury home market investor seeking to add some of the most enchanting properties ever built to your real estate portfolio, Malta is the ideal destination to invest in or to establish a new home.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, the islands of Malta offer a diverse luxury home market within a very small area, ranging from high-end, custom-designed apartments to refined and lovingly refurbished palazzos.

With a robust and competitive economy, predictable taxation regimes, and stable governance with full EU membership, Malta has adopted forward-looking measures to give EU and non-EU high net worth individuals the opportunity to purchase luxury property in Malta.

Special Designated Areas (SDAs), for example, are high-end residency zones located in prime and up-and-coming localities in Malta that anyone can purchase, whether they’re a Maltese/EU citizen or not.

In fact, SDAs in Malta are an exception to the residency permit rules that apply to purchasing property in other areas.

Buyers of any nationality can avail themselves of the opportunity of owning a luxury home in Malta surrounded by top-notch amenities. You can utilise the property either as a primary residence, or a secondary holiday home with attractive leasing opportunities that allow for high capital growth as well as rental yield on your investment.

Luxury homes in SDAs can also serve as a gateway to benefiting from the High Net Worth Individuals Residency Scheme and the Individual Investor Programme (IIP).

Why luxury home buyers choose San

For many people, owning a home of distinction is a representation of their success and a reward for their achievements—a place to reap the fruits of a lifetime of hard work and smart decisions.

Others look at a top-tier home as the ideal way to pull far-flung family members together in a spectacular location and to celebrate joyful occasions in a richly-appointed setting.

Whichever motivation resonates most with you, we believe that investing in a top-tier home is a noteworthy event in a person’s life.

San offers an excellent level of service that makes us preferred agents and trusted advisers to our high-end clients, as we guide them step-by-step through the process of acquiring a luxury residence in Malta.

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