SanMartin.Properties Fee Structure

SanMartin.Properties Fee Structure

Here at we are focused on providing a unique customer experience.  Customer service is our first priority.  Hand in hand with that service is a Fee Structure that offers the best value on the Islands of Malta and Gozo.  Every property with a valuation of €1,000,000 or above; will be offered a 1% + vat Marketing Fee.  This is not an exclusive contract – sellers are able to engage other agencies if they so wish. Properties sold under the value of €1,000,000 but over the value of €750,000 will be offered a marketing fee of only 2% + vat.

How can we offer such a low fee in comparison to other agencies on the Island? – who typically charge 5%?  We can answer that by showing that we are an Online Real Estate Company – we do not have the huge overheads required by a High Street Agent.  We also work using social media and online property portals to advertise your property on a global basis. Coming from the U.K. where on average the high street agent charges 1.5 – 1.8% plus marketing fees, it makes sense to offer our on line services starting at 1% + vat. are proud to offer all the traditional services that you would expect to find from your Real Estate Agent.  We take care of all the enquiries, we shall accompany any viewings and most of all we will keep you informed of any progress during the sale of your property.  We are committed to your property sale being as smooth and as enjoyable an experience as is possible.

What can a lower agency fee mean for you, when selling your property?  Well, for one thing you can attract more potential buyers.  Your property can be marketed with a realistic market value and not have to be inflated up to 5% (and more) While still ensuring that you get your price.

We do not believe in stacking prices so high – only to be negotiated down months – sometimes years later.  We value your property at the market value.  Buyers know where they stand and Owners will attain the expected sale price in a shorter period of time.

We invite you to get in touch and get your property listed today.

For Properties falling beneath the €1,000,000 but more than €750,000 then the threshold Marketing Fee will revert to a 2% + vat payable on the final sale figure of the property.

Any Property below €750,00 in sale value shall be charged at 3% + vat.

We Never Charge A Buyer Any Additional Fees.

Clarity and Transparency In Real Estate.