How We Work

How We Work Anti-Money Laundering Policy. and parent company Home Sale Malta Ltd. is fully committed to undertaking all operations within it’s businesses in a full and transparent manner. In these challenging times the Real Estate Industry can be a prime target for organised criminals to launder monies with intent to fund criminal and terrorist activities.

We hereby declare that we as a company will corporate in full with all prevention agencies and shall report any suspicious enquiry and activity to National Crime Agencies. and Home Sale Malta.Ltd; will apply due diligence to all clients; be they buyers or sellers. It should be noted by all clients engaging or Home Sale Malta Ltd, that we retain all evidence of identity records – be they I.D Numbers or Copies of passports. Where we deem it appropriate we shall also require proof of ownership or any property and the destination and the source of funds relating to any property transaction.

This is in accordance with Anti-money Laundering Regulations and Rules set by Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU)