10 Tips for getting the most out of selling your home

When it comes time to sell your home, you will find that you might actually look at your home differently than you used to. Right fully so. Let’s take a few moments to discuss exactly ‘how’ you should look at your home, and how to maximise the proceeds of your sale. Most homeowners look at their homes as a ‘one of a kind’ sort of property, ‘unique’ and its value simply must be more than the house next door. Well, maybe and maybe not. Some homes are indeed extraordinary and demand a higher sales value, while most homes are just ordinary and command no more than average sales prices. Let’s look at how we can boost your sales price a bit, even if your house is just one of the average ones.

  1. Curb Appeal. What’s that? You may ask …But, most people simply do not know how important this is. In order to get someone INSIDE to see that cool pool area or the wonderful kitchen, you simply must have an attractive exterior. Take some time to stand out in the street, and look at your property. Get another party to help you; maybe the real estate agent. Be very critical here, and don’t be afraid to spend some money. Studies show that ‘curb appeal’ investment returns about €10 for every euro spent. Don’t cheap out here.
  2. Yard work, painting the front of the house, clean the windows, adding flowering plants to the entrance area, and even replacing the front door are all very affordable, and quite effective methods of attracting a buyer.
  3. Remove the clutter. This applies to inside and outside. Let someone with an unbiased opinion tell you what needs to be moved out. Your piles of stuff may be convenient for you, but it is a huge distraction for the buyer. In fact, you don’t want the buyer to remember your house as ‘the one with all the clutter’.
  4. Bright and Cheerful. Turn on those lights, air conditioners and make it cozy. Buyers need to ‘feel’ a welcoming and comfortable place, not a cluttered, dark and spooky environment.
    Leave the house. If you have an agent showing the house, then get the family out! A buyer will feel like they are intruding if they have to walk around the family while they are inside. You can just go outside on the terrace or balcony for a few minutes.
  5. Music and noise. Setting the mood for a showing is all right, too. However, if Junior likes hard-rock, just tone it down while the buyers are there. Switch to ‘easy-listening’ music instead? Keep the volume very low.
  6. Bake something wonderful. Coffee and bread baking in the kitchen are always smart ways to affect a buyers mood. It is an old trick, yes, but it is quite powerful.
  7. Roof leaks. Do you have any stains on the ceilings from old leaks? Now is the time to get those repaired. Make certain that you don’t have any active roof leaks, too. That could be a problem.
  8. Plumbing and electrical. These are the ‘bones’ of the house. Make sure that these are inspected and ready for testing by an excited buyer.
  9. Give yourself time. Don’t think that you can list the house for sale, and get a buyer within 3 weeks. Give yourself a nice big window to work in….say at least 6 months. Now, if indeed, the house sells faster and you have to move earlier, just think of that as a ‘good problem’ to have.
  10. Get an agent that understands your situation. Not all agents really care about the client who is selling the property. Some see the ‘sale’ as the only goal, and will force the seller into some uncomfortable conditions to get there. Just be sure that your agent is understanding, and willing to keep YOUR interests first and foremost.


So, there you are. Ten good tips when selling your home.

Stick with these and your sale with be a bit faster and easier on you. Call me if I can help you further. Julie +356 99805602

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